UPgrade Adventure - Day 1 | Preparation Day

Dear Adventurer,

A warm welcome to the UPgrade Adventure 2016!  A wonderful adventure that will help you enter 2016 healthy, positive, happy, peaceful and with a sense of community. All connected with the same goal and vision - Being Open to our Highest Potential! Today is the first day of our 31-day journey - it's 'Preparation Day'. In the video you will find the info for starting your UPgrade. I am very grateful that you are being part of this, so we can UPgrade together. This way it's more fun, powerful and exciting. Let's make 2016 the best year yet!

Today is about setting your own focus and intent. Write down for yourself what you would like to receive from this adventure. I would like to advice you to write your focus and intent on a piece of paper and hang it somewhere in your home or office where you can see it daily. At the end of our adventure we will reflect and look back to see if it has been manifested.

If any questions arise or you would like to share something directly with me, please feel free to contact me. You can send an email to info@estherarends.com.

Let the UPgrade Adventure begin! Happy travels :-)




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Looking forward to hear from you!

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