UPgrade Adventure - Day 2 | MIR-Method

Today we start with the ‘BODY-week’.  A week long we will focus on Upgrading the BODY.
To start this week off I would like to introduce you to the MIR-Method. The MIR-Method was developed in 2009 by holistic therapist Mireille Mettes from The Netherlands and is now being used by people all over the world. The 9 steps of the MIR-Method are inspired by Kinesiology & Touch of Health (muscle testing). It creates a healthy immune system and activates the self-healing powers of your body. I have been applying this method in the past and have experienced many positive changes such as, detoxification of my body, feeling more vital, centered, relaxed and peaceful, a sense of clarity & direction and sensing more appreciation and love for my body and it’s self-healing powers.

MIR stand for Mental and Intuitive Reset. MIR also stands for Peace in Russian. :-) Mireille Mettes: “It is not necessary to ‘believe’ in this method. The laws of nature that I have used to develop the MIR-Method work for everyone. The intensity in which you feel that it works, differs per person.”

Doing the MIR-Method takes only 2x 2 minutes a day. All you need to do is to repeat it for at least 4 weeks. (So that’s perfect knowing the Upgrade Adventure will take 4 weeks in total!)

How does it work
The following 9 steps/commands need to be repeated verbally 3 times, while stroking the skin of your hand. Stroking the hand relaxes the sub-conscious and gives the brain the signal that your are safe and you can relax. In this state of being, your defenses go down and your system opens so it can receive the commands for UPgrading your body and life.

Please have a look at the instruction video from Mireille to understand the depth of each step. Instruction video: http://www.mirmethod.com/video/

Step 1. Optimize acidity.
Step 2. Detox all toxicity.
Step 3. Detach father. Detach mother. (what you do is you clear yourself of that what belongs to your father or mother, so you can walk your unique path)
Step 4. Clear meridians.
Step 5. Supplement all shortages.
Step 6. Balance hormone system.
Step 7. Fulfill basic needs.
Step 8. Optimize Chakras and Aura.
Step 9. Clarify Mission.

NOTE: You can find the steps in your own language by clicking on the following link. It’s best to apply this method in your mother tongue. http://www.mirmethod.com/video/9-steps-languages/

Give this method a try and sense if it resonates with you. Curious what you will experience in your body when applying this method into your life. I welcome you to share your experiences.




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