UPgrade Adventure - Day 3 | Cleanse & Nurture

One great way to Upgrade your body is adding, drinking (luke)warm lemon water, to your morning routine. David Wolfe: “Lemon water doesn’t just quench thirst better than any other drink – it also provides our bodies with plenty of vitamins, minerals and vital trace elements. It’s also a great energy booster for when we wake up first thing in the morning as our tissues are dehydrated and in desperate need of fluid to push out toxins”

Lemons have many other beneficial qualities for the body. Here are a few:

* Better digestion - drinking warm lemon water can help your body with digestion hanks to the citric acid contained in lemon. This acid interacts with various enzymes in your body and stimulates the secretion of gastric juice.
* Weight loss
* Cleanse
* Supports your immune system
* Flushes the liver and increases liver function
* Regulates bowel movement

* Helps clear your skin and revitalize your skin
* Fights against bad breath
* Balances pH levels in your body -Alkalize yourself
* Regulate blood pressure
* Aid your metabolism
* Reduce depression and anxiety symptoms - Lemon water has a high potassium content – depression and anxiety are often linked to not having enough potassium in your blood.
* Fights inflammation
* Joint Healing - can help reduce both joint and muscle pain.
* Electrolyte Up - lemon water will provide your body with plenty of hydrating electrolytes in the form of potassium, calcium and magnesium.
* Fight respiratory infection - lemon water can help you battle everything from sore throats to tonsil inflammation, thanks to the anti-inflammatory property of lemon.

Yes, drinking lemon water does us good! and how easy is it to drink a glass in the morning and receive all these benefits. :-)

How to do it
When you wake up prepare yourself a delicious warm lemon water, before you eat anything. Add the juice of half of a lemon (organic preferably) to the water and then drink.
Drink it consciously and wait for 30 min before you eat something.

Extra addition
Playing with an intent before drinking it and visualization while drinking it, can enhance the benefits. For example you can set the intent of CLEANSE MY BODY and you could visualize that all toxins and negativity are leaving your body while drinking it. Now let’s toast.

Cheers to your Health!



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