UPgrade Adventure - Day 6 | Connect with Nature

Today I would like to invite you to go out and spent some quality time in nature. How long ago did you have a walk in nature? Every time we spent time in nature we are UPgrading and nurturing our body, as well as our mind, emotions and spirit. Nature improves your vitality. Studies show that spending only 20 min in (vegetation rich) nature improves vitality, boost happiness, brings feelings of serenity and calm, inspires creativity and improves memory and cognitive function. 

Go out, take a walk and spent some time alone in nature. While doing so let yourself be touched by the beauty of nature through all you senses.
- Make your eyes soft and receive your environment;
- Listen and receive the sounds of nature
- Smell and receive the scent of nature
- Visualize you are opening your skin to be touched by nature. Sense the (sun)light and the air. 

Let this walk be a wellness treatment for your body and soul. And take a moment during your walk to sit down and receive the moment.

Have a magical time!



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