UPgrade Adventure - Day 8 | Body Gratitude

Today is the final day of the 'Body-week', for tomorrow we will enter the 'Mind-week'.
I would love to close this week with the practice of Body Gratitude.

Spent time with yourself and your body today (everyday:-) and thank your body for all you are grateful for. For all that your body is capable of and taking care of without your help and conscious act and let you experience life to the fullest. Your body is magnificent!

You can also add a 'body-scan': travel through all your body parts with your awareness, receive the sensations in each specific body-part and then say thank you (feet, etc), I love you. You can do this while standing, laying down or sitting, even while you are doing your daily acitivities and are dancing through life.

You body will be grateful too!!

Feel free to share how this practice made your body feel in the closed facebookgroup: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1114727111872746/

And if you have a moment after doing your gratitude practice today, take some time to recapitulate. How was the body-week for your body? What did you experience, what clicked, what changed? Do you sense any UPgrade in your body?

I am thanking your body for being part of this adventure! Thumbs UP! :-)

Love and Gratitude,


* Share your experiences in the comment box below and/or the Closed FB-group

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