UPgrade Adventure - Day 12 | The Power of the Word

Today I would love to focus on Conscious Language and the Power of the Word. Your words indicate your thoughts. A word is a thought revealed. What you say determines your destiny as much as what you think. Positive thinking and positive speech are like the chicken and egg analogy. On the one hand positive thinking leads to positive speech. On the other hand, positive speech leads to positive thinking. Today we focus on positive speech - Conscious speech.

Your words have a power to them! Through our speech, our words, we create our future and influence our state of being.
"When you change your language, you change your vibration which potentially changes your Reality", by Robert Tennyson Stevens - from the book, Conscious Language™

By waking UP to our spoken words, we awaken to our inner speech. So, become mindful of your words. Is your speech reflective of your hopes? your vision? your faith? Let's UPgrade our speech!
Even if it doesn't feel comfortable right away, keep on doing it, repetition and practice will eventually make it feel natural. TALK YOUR DREAM!!!

So today is a day of MINDing your words.
Good luck and enjoy transforming your words into Positive, Conscious speech :-)
Curious to hear the power you experience through your spoken words!



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