UPgrade Adventure - Day 13 | The Power of Thoughts

Yesterday we focused on the power of our words. Today we focus on the power of our thoughts. As explained yesterday, they go hand in hand. What you say is what you think. What you think is what you say. When you think positive, you speak positive. When you speak positive, you think positive. Today we will focus on positive thinking and the power of our thoughts.

Perhaps while doing your Morning Pages, MINDing your judgements or your words you noticed some beliefs that you would like to change. Beliefs that are not supporting your highest good and your true potential. Beliefs that are 'DOWN-grading' you.

My invitation is to choose one belief you would like to change and create a positive affirmation for it. So you can start transforming this belief. Write it down. Be playful with it :-) You can color it, make a painting of it etc. When you finish it, place it somewhere where you can see it daily? Suggestion: your fridge.

Affirmations are conscious thoughts. They are short, positive and powerful statements. Creating and repeating these powerful statements shape your reality.
Example of affirmations:
* I love and approve myself
* I am healthy, successful and abundant
* I can do this!
* All in life comes to me with ease, grace and joy
* I trust the universe to bring the right people and circumstances into my life at the right time
* I am so happy and grateful now that .................
The I AM statement is very powerful to start you affirmation with.
Every time you notice yourself thinking the negative thought/belief, repeat the affirmation you created! Repeat this till the old belief has no longer grip on you and a new belief is born and embodied.

Important is that when you are creating your affirmation you can sense that each word is resonating with you. That the words are in alignment with your true desire/dream and coming from truth.
Good luck and enjoy! If you have any questions, let me know - info@estherarends.com

If you feel like sharing your affirmation, please do, you can do this in the closed FBgroup: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1114727111872746/



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