UPgrade Adventure - Day 17 | Release

Something I find very typical about emotions is that when a 'negative emotion' arises we have a habit to resist this emotion at first. To say a quick hello and then goodbye or immediately looking for ways to suppress this 'negative' feeling. When we suppress our emotions, rather then allowing ourselves to experience our feelings fully in the moment they arise, they linger and make us uncomfortable. Through avoidance, we are preventing our emotions from flowing through us, either transforming or dissolving, and it doesn't feel good. When emotions get build up they have a negative influence on our health and well-being. That's the reason I would like to introduce to you today a technique that helped me in releasing unwanted feelings. It's called the Sedona Method.
The Sedona Method is a very powerful tool that will support you in finding inner balance and emotional freedom. The technique supports you in quickly shifting your state of consciousness from one of stress and resistance to one of relaxation and allowance. It enhances your Emotional Well-being.

The Sedona Method provides us with 4 steps to let go and release unwanted feelings.
Let's give it a go.....
Make yourself comfortable and focus inwardly. You eyes may be open or closed.
Step 1: Focus on an issue that you would like to feel better about or a feeling you are experiencing and you would like to release. Now allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling in this moment. Just welcome the feeling and allow it to be as fully or as best you can.
Step 2: Ask yourself the following question: Could I let this feeling go?
This questions is merely asking you if it's possible to take this action. "Yes" or "No" are both acceptable answers. You will often let go even when you say no.
Step 3: Now ask yourself the simple question. Would I? In other words: Am I willing to let go? Stay away from debate as best you can. If the answer is no, or if you are not sure, ask yourself: Would I rather have this feeling, or would I rather be free? Even when the answer stays No, go to step 4.
Step 4: Ask yourself the simpler question: When?
This is an invitation to just let it go NOW.
Step 5: Repeat the preceding four steps as often as needed until you feel free of th
at particular feeling.

More info about the Sedona Method: http://www.sedona.com/Home.asp

If the steps above are not resonating with you, just practice welcoming your emotions and feelings on the inhale and release them on your exhale:-)

Feel FREE to share your experiences with this releasing technique in the FB-Group.

Love and lightness,


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