UPgrade Adventure - Day 20 | The Power of Music

I belief I don’t have to explain that Music and Emotion are very much connected to each other. Just play a piece of music and you feel it! Music is powerful and has many proven positive effects on us human beings. For example:
Eases pain and anxiety, motivates, increases workout endurance, improves sleep quality, enhances blood vessel function, reduces stress, induces a meditative state, helps with depression, elevates mood, improves cognitive performance, helps people perform better in high-pressure situations, relaxes and more…Today I would like to focus on using the power of music to Upgrade our emotions, our emotional state of being.

Music can trigger many different emotions like feeling happy, sad, peaceful, angry, relaxed, in love, etc. Music moves you. Not only physical, but also emotional. Music changes the way you feel. Besides that, music invites you to express yourself. You can lift yourself UP and Upgrade your emotions by playing a piece of music that makes you wanna dance, cry, scream or sing. Expression = Upgrade:-)

Music is a way to feel, move and express E-Motion.

Treat yourself and your heart today on a peace of music that Upgrades your Emotions. Tune in with yourself, what do you need? How would you like to feel? How can you nourish your heart today? and go for it! Play it! Instead of playing one song, you can also choose to make a playlist in I-tunes OR…… create a ‘Divine Playlist’ by choosing Shuffle and let the Universe pick the songs. Whatever you choose: be with it, listen to is, dance to it or sing to it - Let yourself be moved by it and receive the magic! EnJoy!

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