UPgrade Adventure - Day 22 | "Emotion Gratitude"

Today the last day of the Emotions week. How has it been for you? An emotional roller-coaster? or peaceful and relaxed? Is the UPgrade happening? Take a moment today to reflect on last week. You can journal about it, write some insight's down, or share with us in the FB-group how you experienced the Emotion-Week. For me it has been a week of cleansing my emotional body and healing. For sure an UPgrade for me here!

Today's Practice
Step 1 - Looking back- Recapitulating!
Step 2 - Practicing Gratitude for our Emotions.
A dear friend and colleague of mine, Wendy Lindahl from Sedona, AZ, shared this week a beautiful quote from Rumi (see above) that perfectly matches today's practice of being grateful for all our emotions and what gifts they are bringing to us. Remember they always bring new opportunities for UPgrade! That this quote may inspire you!

Lots of Love and Gratitude,
and talk to you tomorrow, starting the last week of our UPgrade Adventure.


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