UPgrade Adventure - Day 23 | Connecting with your True Self

How are you? Welcome to the Spirit Week! Our last week of the Upgrade Adventure.
Today’s focus is on creating an intimate relationship with your inner being, your True Self.

I belief that my True Self, my presence is connected to the whole, to All That Is.
I belief that when I want to live in harmony and alignment with myself and the whole it’s important to have an intimate relationship and communication with my inner being and create the space to spent time together. Meditation is a great way to connect deeply with your True Self and receive the gifts, wisdom and love shared through this relationship.

Meditation is good for body, mind, emotions and spirit. For example: it lowers blood pressure and hypertension, slower heart rate, decreases cholesterol levels, reduced production of “stress hormones,” including cortisol and adrenaline, more efficient oxygen use by the body, increased production of the anti-aging hormone DHEA, improved immune function, brings clarity to the mind, increases concentration and focus, stimulate a sense of calm and inner peace, and much more…Today I would like to focus on using meditation to become mindful about our True Self and inner being. With the intent to create a meaningful and loving relationship with our True Self and the divine presence within us.

Here is the Practice for listening to your inner being, your True Self

1) Create a Sacred Space
Create a space to be with yourself where you feel comfortable and can be alone without being disturbed. Make yourself comfortable, use a pillow or blanket. If you like you can create a little altar in the room through placing some objects that resonate with your spirit together and/or perhaps light a candle. Make it a sacred space - a special place for you to be with You.

2) Sit or Lay down in a comfortable position
You can sit on the floor in a lotus position with your legs crossed. You can also sit on a chair. If sitting is uncomfortable for you please feel free to lay down. While sitting keep your spine upright, and your chin a little pointed towards you chest, lengthen the back of your neck/spine. Keep your body still. Whatever position you choose make sure your body position is OPEN and in a RECEIVING posture and attitude. Your body, mind and spirit are in LISTENING mode.

Now close you eyes. (when you have read the rest first of course :-)

3) Bring your awareness to your body and the breath.
Breathe in and out deeply from the belly 5-6 times. Start to sense the space and stillness inside your body. Don’t judge, just observe. If any thoughts come up, don’t resist them, simply allow them to pass without engaging in them. Imagine your thoughts as leaves floating down a stream, they are there, but you are just looking at them, observing them as they go by - or imagine yourself being a mountain and your thoughts are the clouds passing by. Continue noticing the space that is inside of you, and let your intent connect you with your True Self, your inner being and presence. Once you feel a connection stay with it and BE with it. There is nothing to do, just BE, listen and receive in silence. Stay here for a few minutes. Finish the meditation by gently coming back into the awareness of your physical body and opening your eyes.

If you don’t feel a connection right away, that’s no problem. Keep on doing this practice and train this ‘new muscle’ :-) . Eventually you will have a sense I promise! and know that doing this practice has so many other benefits, as mentioned above.

In a later stage you can also ask your Self for insight’s, guidance and/or healing. By doing this practice daily you enhance and build your relationship with your True Self and you can learn to sustain this connection during your daily dance through life.

I do this practice for 20 min. every day. Starting with only 5 - 10 min is perfect. You can always extend the time when desired.

Enjoy the quality time with your Self!  
Your inner being is waiting for you to say Hello :-)


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