UPgrade Adventure - Day 28 | Meeting your Spirit Guide

Do you see the top of this mountain, the very top? That's my 'special place'. The place where I meet my spirit guide. Meeting and connecting with a spirit guide is a beautiful, sacred and empowering practice to receive guidance, insights, visions, answers and support from your Higher Self. It's like talking to somebody who Knows all the answers and loves you unconditionally. So only spending time together without even talking is already a precious and empowering gift. Today I would love to share a meditation with you that could help you connect with your spirit guide. There are many ways to do this. I am sharing my way.

And yes, I know...... this can sound a little crazy and awkward, perhaps a little to "spiritual" :-) My invitation would be to not judge it and first give it a try and see if it works for you. And of course if it really doesn't resonate with you, let it go! :-) It's just one of the many tools that can help you UPgrade your Spirit.

So here we go! Read the steps first and then go for it!

Step 1: Sit or lay down in a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths. Take a few minutes to ground and relax deeply and become present in the moment.

Step 2: Now imagine yourself walking through the woods, through nature, enjoying the walk. Look around.... what do you see, smell, feel etc. Just follow your path, follow the direction you want go. Suddenly in the distance you see a mountain. Walk towards it. Take your time.
PS: whatever happens on this walk follow your impulses!
When you are at the bottom of the mountain find your path and start hiking UP the mountain. All the way to the top. Take your time.... Maybe you see a trail, maybe not. Find your way.
(You will notice, when you do this practice more often, that the time climbing/walking to the top varies. Some days you can raise your energy more quickly then others. So take your time!) If hiking is to intense, you can perhaps grab a balloon with helium that will take you to the top or find other creative idea's:-) Know before you start your hike/your adventure that on top of this mountain you will meet your Spirit Guide. Very exciting.

Step 3: When you arrive. You arrive at a special place. Your guide is awaiting you. Take some time to introduce yourself and get to know eachother. Explore the top and make yourself comfortable. Perhaps there is a bench where you both can sit down. Just see what happens. Be receptive, curious and let go of judgements. You can be judgemental afterward:-)
Don't be disappointed if you can not see your guide. Some people are able to see him/her, others can hear, feel or know (you might be able to “know” the guide. You might be able to just know he/she is there, and just have a mental conversation with him/her out of “knowingness”).

Just be open to whoever shows up and in whatever form, and have a conversation with them. Sit down and talk. Say hello. Introduce yourself. Ask them their name. Whatever feels good, follow and do that!

Step 4: Tune in and feel if there is a desire and room to ask questions, or perhaps it feels good to just sit down and enjoy eachothers company. Follow your gut, be receptive and let yourself be guided in the experience and ....enjoy the view;-)
When I ask a question I do not always receive an answer right away. Sometimes it's a feeling, or a image, or nothing. I trust that I will receive an answer (in any form) during the day. Being non-attached to the outcome helps me to be receptive so I can receive the answer (later on).

Step 5: When the experience of being together feels complete for now, thank your guide and express your appreciation and ask him or her to come and meet you again in your 'special place'.
Walk down the mountain and when you reach the bottom again you can open your eyes.

* You can also create your own unique 'special place'. Where-ever this is and however it looks like, (an office, a roof terrace, beach, forest cabin, anywhere and everywhere) always visualize you have to move UP to reach your special place. For example, you can take an elevator, stairs, a cable car or air balloon. In this way you raise your energy which is important to connect with your Spirit Guide. You can also imagine taking an elevator, and when you reach the floor to meet your guide, you have to open a door and behind the door is your 'special place' and your guide. Many ways to play with it. Important is to be creative, make it personal and fitting for you. In this visualisation practise everything is possible!

In the beginning it’s going to feel like you are making everything up. But that’s okay. That’s how it feels at first, but you must persevere. After you get more experienced with your guide(s), the stronger your connection will be, and the more you start trusting that it is him/her/them and not just you making up weird stories in your head.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me: info@estherarends.com

Wishing you a beautiful adventure and connection,




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