UPgrade Adventure - Day 31 | Looking Forward

Congratulations! You’ve made it to day 31 of the UPgrade Adventure!! You rock! You are amazing! You have reached the destination of this adventure with a backpack full of (new) tools. Was it as good for you as it was for me??
The last video of the UPgrade Adventure 2016 is awaiting you above. In this video I will share the last practice of this adventure and some reflecting words from me sharing my experience. What a trip it was indeed :-) I am grateful for every day, all the lessons learned and the UPgrade that happened within my body, mind, emotions and spirit. I sense a stillness, peace, clear but gentle focus, love and gratitude after completing this journey. Thank you for making this adventure fun, powerful and inspiring!

Below a few last notes to finish it off.

1. This adventure is not over if you don't want it to be:-) All the blogs and video's are available on my website and you can revisit them any time you like! If you would like to look back at one of the practices or retake the whole journey, you can!! Here is the link: http://www.estherarends.com/english/blog-1/
So if you know somebody who you feel would benefit from this UPgade adventure, share the link to my website and they can start! The Closed Facebook Group will stay open and available so you and others can keep on sharing and we can stay connected :-) You can also leave comments on my blog page if you don't have Facebook. I can read them and reply to you.

2. If there is a moment in the future that you would like to receive some support and/or coaching on your life's adventure. I am available for private 'Embodiment Coaching' sessions through Skype or phone. Please send an email to info@estherarends.com so we can plan a free 15 min. session to see how my coaching could be of service to you.

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That's it. One more thing left to say for me to you.......

and please share your new adventure with us in the FB-Group or send me an email.

With deep gratitude and love,


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