2019 - Year of Becoming

Join this free 8-day adventure and receive tools and inspiration to make 2019 the year in which you live fully from your heart and make the courageous step in saying fully YES to your deepest truths, dreams, desires, and inner knowing.


Experience the effects of connecting more deeply with yourself, your body, your inner compass and your truth.

The tools shared in this adventure will support you in creating a life that's in alignment with the True You!


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A Free 8-day OnLine Adventure

Do you feel it too?
Do you feel the desire to make a shift and do things differently in 2019?
To walk a new path, a path that’s 
more true to you and in alignment with your being?
Expressing yourself more fully in all area’s of your life.

I feel 2019 is calling us to live fully from our hearts and step into a “new way” of being and doing. Leaving the old way of being (the grid) behind and make the courageous step in saying fully yes to our deepest truths, dreams, desires, and inner knowing. New territory is calling us and a new reality is awaiting!!

To make and support this “shift”, it’s important to be grounded and at home in ourselves and in our bodies. That’s why I love to share some tools and inspiration with you to connect more deeply with yourself, your compass, your body, mind, and soul. So you can sense YOUR truth and start creating a new year, a new life that’s in alignment with your truest self. A life anchored in Truth and Love.

Let’s make 2019 the year in which we move beyond fear. Creating the life we dearly desire and be the change we have been waiting for!

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What can you Expect

January 6

On Sunday, January 6th, the day of the first new moon of 2019 and a solar eclipse as well, we will kick-off with a Facebook Live Event.
We will start at 8 p.m, 20:00 (CET, Amsterdam).


Time difference? Check your time here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/


This live event will take place in a closed Facebook Group especially made for this event. Make sure that besides of signing in for the event you also join the group!!


The Facebook Live event will get you started and prepared for the adventure!! Looking forward to seeing you there!


January 7 - 14

Each of the following 8 days you will receive inspiration and tools by email and in the Facebook Group and a special worksheet which you can download. For the people who are not on Facebook, there will be sent a link to your inbox with all materials for that day.


"Let's unite, and support each other in making the shift and being the change we have been waiting for!"


I believe life and this journey is way more fun, easy, and comfortable when we can inspire and support each other on our journey’s. I know by my own experience that stepping out of the known and into the unknown can bring up fear, resistance, and doubt. That’s why I would love to create a community in which we, the courageous beings we are, come together and unite to support each other in this process of “becoming”. Let’s make this a wonderful and fun adventure!!

You can choose to only join this facebook group during the 8-day event OR stay in the group and make this a year-long commitment in which you support and inspire the other members and share your year-long journey with us. I will be sharing mine!:)

NO Facebook? No worries!! I will be posting on the website as well, and you can leave comments on the website and share your journey.

Share & Invite your friends

If you feel your friends could benefit and would like to join this event, then it would be wonderful if you would share it with them or invite them in the group!

Thank you!