Day 5 - Releasing Shoulds

2019 - Year of Becoming: A Free 8-day online adventure

Here are your fifth video and worksheet!
Today we will be exploring the shoulds we hold that aren't coming from a place of truth and our hearts.
The shoulds we hold often time come from our upbringing, our parents, peers, society, commercials, social media and so on.
That you may receive clarity on the shoulds you hold and which ones you can release to set yourself free from pleasing others and fully ground yourself in the truest YOU. That you may trust yourself fully and walk your unique path in life!

Part 1 will be on exploring the shoulds you hold.
Part 2 will focus on letting go of the fear of "what other people think of you" and how to stay centered in yourself.



Worksheets Day 5 | 2019 - Year of Becomi
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