Embodiment Coaching

online coaching for women

- Your body, Your compass -

Do you experience tension, stress, overwrought, or a burn-out?

Do you feel it's time to do it differently?

Have you got stuck or lost your sense of direction?

Tension, stress, emotional exhaustion, and burnout are signals from your body that invite you to stop and listen. Something is not in alignment with your true nature. These signals give you the opportunity to re-align yourself with what you truly desire and what you need to live a healthy and happy life in accordance with who you truly are and get back into your power and flow.


Embodiment Coaching supports you in a practical way in this process. It helps you to come home to your body, to yourself, and to use the innate wisdom within you (your inner compass) for determining your (new) course of life.

Step by step towards relaxation, vitality, health, well-being, flow, happiness and inspiration.


In a free exploratory talk we will investigate whether this form of coaching can be of any help to you.

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