About Esther


My passion? "My passion is to inspire and support you in coming home to your body, to embody your unique self and using your body as a compass to create a healthy, purposeful and happy life that gives you fulfillment."


In 2003 I graduated for my Bachelor of Social Work degree at The Hague University. From a young age I worked in various positions in the field of social work: youth care, child protection, mental health institution and the government. Practicing different forms of dance most of my life, Nia™ crossed my path in 2007. Besides my Nia education, which also included studying with the founders Debbie Rosas Stewart and Carlos AyaRosas in America, I explored other forms of dance, movement, creative expression and body work (see CV). Committed to live my passion, I started my own company in 2010. An appropriate choice, since my love and passion for dance, health, personal development and exploring the inner life come together and blend perfectly.

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My vision is that when you listen to the sensations in your body, take these seriously and appreciate them, trust and dare to act on them, you create a life and body that truly fits you and automatically leads to health, happiness and fulfillment. Step by step, listening to what feels good in the moment, using your body as a compass.

The body is a huge source of wisdom and information. When you're at home in your body and listen to its wisdom you no longer need to seek outside for the answers to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life, but you can find them inside, within yourself. That's what I belief is the meaning of 'standing in your true power' and the 'embodiment of yourSelf'!