Nia™ Intensive Training & Education

Nia Intensive Training
The Nia Intensive trainings are inspired and named after the martial arts belt system. The trainings are not only suitable for teaching Nia, but also for personal development. So you can participate in the training if you do not have a desire to teach. The training is divided into five successive levels. You start with the White Belt, then the Green Belt, Blue Belt, Brown Belt and Black Belt. There should be at least one year in between the following belt. Anyone who is in possession of the White Belt can start giving Nia classes. To legally teach and professionally represent Nia, you must be a Livelihood Member.


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I did my White Belt, Black Belt and several workshops with a top trainer in Hamburg, Germany. Her name is Ann Christiansen and I can recommend her wholeheartedly. She provides trainings throughout Europe.
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"Signing-in and participating in the Nia White Belt in 2007, is the best and most beautiful gift I could ever give myself. It still inspires me every day, not only while teaching but also while dancing through life." - Esther

Nia Education for Body + Life
Would you like to learn more about Nia ™ and your body?
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Book 'The Nia Technique'
It is also possible to order the book 'The Nia Technique'.
This book includes information about the philosophy, principles, class format and the 52 moves of Nia. A great way to learn about this effective and unique movement practise.

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