TLC - Tender Loving Care


# Tip 1 | TLC for your body

Start your day, while waking up in your bed, with a moment of "checking-in". A moment for arriving into and connecting with your body.

What do you sense in your body?


Do a short body-scan, travel with your loving attention to each body part and explore with curiosity the sensations in the moment, without judgment. After you scanned your body with tender loving care, ask your body how it is doing this morning and what it needs and then wait with curious anticipation for the answer. Breath and let your mind become quiet, just sense and wait......Allow yourself to be patient.

Perhaps you immediately receive an answer. If so, say thanks to your body and take this answer with you. Let your actions during the day be guided by the guidance and needs of your body, your internal guidance system.

If no answer is coming to you, no problem, keep on waiting for it.

Perhaps an answer will come to you later in the day. Doing this practice every day will eventually lead to receiving answers more often and faster.

Listening to your body and creating an intimate relationship with your body will lead you to a more balanced life. You are able to sense with ease what your body needs so you can take loving care of yourself and your body which will ultimately lead to greater health, well-being and happiness.


# Tip 2 | TLC for your MIND

Take each day a moment (or a few short moments) to become quiet. Stand or sit still for a few seconds/minutes. Take a few deep in- and exhales and on the exhales release all thoughts. Imagine you are creating space within your body and are emptying your mind. Like resetting a computer. Starting anew, fresh, open and empty. Creating space for receptivity and presence.

Enjoy for a few seconds the sensation of being present in the moment.

No past, no future, just Now.

Then become aware of the fact that YOU EXIST. That you are alive, in this moment, at this time. You are alive!

Breath in this realization of aliveness and let it travel through your whole body, heart, and mind. Stay here as long or short as you please.... Then make a conscious choice to start again, or continue whatever you were doing, mindfully.


PS: Extra tip - You can make this a ritual every time you go to the toilet;-)

# Tip 3 | TLC for your SPIRIT

End every day with a moment of "checking out".

I personally like to do my "check-out" in bed.


Recapitulate your day and say thanks for all that you are grateful for in your life and that you have received, experienced, achieved, and shared today.

Don't forget to say thanks for your body and beautiful Self as well;-)

Doing this practice will lift your Spirit and it will let you go to sleep with a feeling of gratitude and positivity.


Sleep well and I am wishing you beautiful dreams!


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