Dancing with Esther is riding an energy rollercoaster. From the earth, she takes you right up and after a powerful ride, she gently puts you back on the floor. The experience within is joyful, intense and purifying. It’s a journey. She teaches in an energetic and inspiring way only from out her heart and spirit. Like all rollercoaster experiences, only one thought survives in the end: lets do this again! Thanks Esther


- Saskia Fekkes, Tilburg, The Netherlands



Joy. Freedom. Acceptance. Authenticity. Love. These are the gifts that pour out of Esther’s body as an instructor…she is absolutely inspiring.

 I had the pleasure of taking Nia classes from Esther. The thought of organized dance classes have terrified me for years based on the firm belief that I cannot dance, I'm uncoordinated, dancing makes me uncomfortable, I look stupid, and so on. But something drew me to Esther prior to attending class that gave me the courage to give it a shot. I stepped in feeling vulnerable, self-conscious, and afraid. I have spent years disliking my body and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. But immediately some peace came over me when Esther began to teach. Her movement was so beautiful and joyful and free, and she so freely shared it. She was so genuinely loving and encouraging. I was inspired to explore more with her and had the pleasure of a week of time together doing daily Nia. It truly changed my life. I am now able to dance with joy, freedom, acceptance, authenticity, and love. Witnessing Esther’s inner and outer beauty gave me permission to be beautiful… I feel like it stirred something in my soul, healed me on a deep level. I love my beautiful body, and am so grateful to Esther for showing me the gift of dance.


- Leah Benzschawel, Pueblo, Colorado 



I was introduced to Esther’s Nia workshop. What I received was an insurmountable amount of energy, an a ALIVENESS. A thirst to feel & to be in this moment forever! Nia helps your body & soul to discover all that waits in YOU; just let go, let the music, the rhythm & the sound of Esther’s voice take you to where you thought you could never go. Take delight in YOU & enjoy!!


- Cathy Urgitus, Prescott Valley, Arizona

Wauw what an experience, the energie you show and share is amazing! You give me the feeling that I can do anything, just by listening to the music and your voice. Thank you for the inspiration you have given me! Love Ettina


- Ettina van der Aar, The Netherlands

The week was both a re-treat and a treat for me. I throughly enjoyed diving into the theme of "Now I Am: Surrendering to my True Self" through teachings and explore it further in movement and dance. What a perfect combination! I admire the passion with which Esther inspires people to experience and move their body. Yes!!! Thank you very very much!


- Amayra Hamilton, co-steward Angel Valley Spiritual Retreat Center, Sedona, Arizona, USA

Esther was amazing as she adaptes the class for the inexperienced dancers and the experienced. A beautiful journey into Self Love! 


- Kirstin Johnson, Prescott, USA

I participated in Esther's Chakra Dancer playshop. I cried during the dance. I was not sad but moved. My heart accepted my inner beauty and the beauty of those around me. I ended the playshop with an immense sense of stillness. I did not need words to express myself. My body had created all that was necessary to feel whole and content. Esther created a safe and open space for me to let go and be free. She gives her soul to her dance and her light inspires me to shine my own. 


- Kim Brice, The Hague, The Netherlands (freelance evaluator and facilitator in the international social justice)

 and Nia teacher

I enjoy Esther's classes very much. Her classes are inspiring, energetic and relaxing all at the same time. Her way of teaching is companied with a beautiful energy that she can transmit very well.


- Esther Thiele, The Hague, The Netherlands (project leader)