Nia is......a new way of getting fit and healthy – and staying that way!


Nia is...... a Design System for Sustainability in the Body.


Nia is...... a work-out, dance, mindful movement, Joy and pleasure in one! The ultimate mix that makes you feel good from the inside out!

Nia is a holistic movement concept that combines elements of martial arts, dance and relaxation techniques. Nia is founded in America in the ’80’s by Debbie and Carlos Rosas. Their primary aim was to offer physical training that included all the muscle groups but without any ‘drill’ – and that had a simultaneous effect on the body, mind and spirit. So Nia is always also about feeling good and the joy of movement. Nia connects fitness and wellness in an unique way.

The idea behind the mix of different techniques is to allow participants to feel and experience as many different ways of moving possible, thus giving their bodies balance, strength and flexibility.
In class we use easy to follow choreography and short segments of freedance. Nia invites you to listen to your body sensations so you carry out the moves in a way that they do your body good. Class is guided by inspiring music in different styles and rhythms.

Nia is for everybody. It is ageless, limitless, transformational and effective. For young and old with or without any movement or fitness experience. The teacher provides you with 3 intensity levels to choose from fitting your specific needs, possibilities and desire. Practicing Nia is a playful way to increase the body's flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability. Experience Nia and discover the power and joy of this bare-footed, creative and energizing movement class!

Nia is Martial Arts

The precise, powerful kicks and punches derived from Tae Kwon Do provide explosive power for muscles and the soul, helping to relieve emotions. Circular moves from Aikido harmonise while simultaneously being powerful and agile. The slow Tai Chi moves earth participants, creating good links between mind and body.

Nia is Dance
Jazz dance elements provide expression and Joy.
Mordern dance elements provide opposites and contrast for example falling and getting up, contract and release, yin and yang.
So called Duncan Dance elements provide a sense of lightness promoting the feeling of freedom and enjoyment of life.

Nia is Relaxation
Exercises taken from yoga boost concentration, stretching and relaxation.
Elements form the Alexander Technique provide balance, improve body posture and natural stretching. The Work of Moche Feldenkreis invites conscious movement and connection with body sensations.

Nia is an Experience
The best way to get a sense of what Nia is, and what Nia does for body, mind, emotions and spirit is to take a class.

Here is a short video to give you a little taste. EnJOY!

The movement forms are taught in such a way that anyone can do them immediately. Nia means diversity of movement, making for power, harmony and beauty.


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