from stress to relaxation
from depletion to feeling nourished

from people pleasing to self loving
from focussing on the outside to listening with

from overwhelm to empowerment
from frustration to satisfaction
from worying to trusting
from feeling lost to coming home
home to your body
home to yourself


Tension is who you think you should be.

Relaxation is who you are.



Do you recognize this?

It feels like you've lost control. You keep crossing your own boundaries. You feel drained. You experience resistance and feel frustrated. Your head is working overtime. Your body is tense.

And at the same time something gnaws inside. "This isn't how life is meant to be, is it?" You feel, deep down, that there is another way.

A way of living life that nurtures you. In which the choices you make feel good inside. Give you energy and make you happy. Choices that are in alignment with who you naturally are and what you truly desire. This makes your body relaxed, you feel flow and peace. Energy is moving effortlessly through you and you shine brightly.

But how?

Let your body lead the way! Your body is the place to be.
It is your most faithful and wisest counselor and guide in this process. It lets you know in every moment what is right, what fits, what is aligned for you and what is needed.

It’s my pleasure and honor to support you in creating this connection.

human design

Human Design (HD) is a practical tool for personal development. It gives profound insight into your unique blueprint in this life. And it clarifies how you can make choices in alignment with your design, your true nature. Choices that are made by what feels good to you instead of what the environment expects of you.

This allows you to transform resistance into flow & self-criticism into self-love. So you stand in your true power.

It also provides profound insight into your qualities, pitfalls, life purpose and how to live the full expression of who you are.
It's my pleasure to introduce you to the basic foundations of your design. In a practical way. In this way you can immediately start experimenting with it.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Curious about what I encounter on my path?
In which I let my body lead and I experiment with living my unique design?
If so, I would like to share my experiences, challenges and insights with you on the social media channels below.

You are invited! Nice to see you there.


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