Esther Arends

I am 100% committed to living a life from the inside out. From what feels good. Not my head but my body and heart are my authority. I don't feel there is anything more powerful, more loving, more healing, and more authentic than that.

Our body speaks to us day in, day out, every second of our lives. It is constantly working to take care of us and always has our best interests at heart. The only thing we need to do to be (and stay) healthy, balanced and happy is to listen to these signals and act on them. This requires the courage of us to slow down, get out of our heads and be present in our bodies. The courage to feel.  

For many of us that is a challenge, which is not surprising, because we are challenged all day long on our mental capacities and we are also overwhelmed by an abundance of external stimuli. This focus on our head and these stimuli prevents us from paying attention to ourselves and our body. Only when we are in contact with our body can we feel what feels good. Can we feel what is right for us, what is in alignment and what is needed. In short: we can take good care of ourselves.


A burnout in 2007 was an important turning point in my life. I was forced to listen to my body and live differently. To start living a life that is ruled by my body and no longer by my head. I started making different choices, choices that energized and nourished me. This has brought about many positive changes in my life.


I started following education, training and workshops at home and abroad in the field of personal development and various dance and movement techniques in which body awareness, self-awareness, embodiment and mindfulness are key. And I started my own company.

I have made it my specialty to guide people, young and old, in learning to listen to their body and to take control, navigating on their innate compass. Because I know what the gifts are: relaxation, well-being, and fulfilment.


I also developed the educational and preventive program Journey through the Body for children. With this curriculum, children learn through play (games, movement, dance, yoga and drawing) to listen to their body and to take good care of themselves.


In addition, I wrote a book with the same title and developed a teacher training for professionals. As a result, there is now an international team of certified Journey through the Body teachers who passionately transfer the method to children.

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